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At Actual Systèmes, everyone has become a brand ambassador

By 22 March 2019No Comments
Ambassadeur de marque Signature Mail Actual Systèmes

Meeting with Sébastien Hardy

Actual Systèmes is a computer equipment wholesaler. Sébastien Hardy, Branch Manager based in Nantes, was pleased to answer our questions and share his user experience of Boost My Mail.

Why did you chose our cloud service ?

We were looking for a software company capable of standardazing and automating our email signatures. We have chosen Boost My Mail for its human side, its close location, its easy setting up, and of course, its compatibility with Outlook. Another valued asset : it is an online tool. Wherever we go, we can use it with an internet access. Our company is based in Bordeaux, it is very convenient. In the end, what really made us chose Boost My Mail, its genuine added value in other words, is that the platform allows us to spread banners in our email signatures and generates a reporting.

How did you manage email signatures before Boost My Mail ?

Before, our system administrator was in charge of integrating our email signatures one by one. A lot of time was needed and the updates were difficult. From now on, we dedicated someone to fulfill our marketing operations. She centralises all the data and designs banners for the campaigns on a regular basis, in order to update the banners once or twice a week.

How did you find the setting up of the tool within Actual Systèmes ?

The setting up of the tool has been quick and easy. Our system administrator contacted the support department of Boost My Mail to make the solution work with our Outlook messaging. Before that, we have been able to create an online account for a free trial.

What are your new communication practices ?

Whereas before we used to spread one newsletter a week, we now pass on our news with banners in the sales representatives’ email signatures. Indeed, we realized that most of the newsletters we sent ended up in the trash folder! However, we knew that the emails from the sales department were always opened.

Our 13 sales representatives are sending daily from 50 to 100 emails to clients or prospects. As they cannot get into every current topic, email banners can pass on potentially interesting news for their recipents.

Our recurring subjects are current promotional offers, news, and product launches. We usually get a high number of clicks on promotional offers, from 150 to 200 clicks. The most efficient campaign we ever displayed was about the lauch of a new GDPR product. The campaign generated more than 900 clicks !