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Turn every email signature into a communication channel!

By 22 March 2019No Comments
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Despite the constant growth of online branding, used to spread a positive image, companies usually underestimate the powerful communication channel their corporate email signatures can provide.

An email signature is an e-business card

In the same company, email signatures can vary a lot from one employee to another. Some add their personal touch to it, others just leave their names or forget to delete an old personalized message they added long ago.
Unfortunately, this diversity could be interpreted as a lack of consistency in the company. In a connected world where relationships very often start with an email, a signature is a company true reflection and should deserve the same attention as a business card! Physical and digital barriers have been removed and both worlds are now interconnected.

A uniform email signature strengthens internal cohesion

The email footer should reflect the company’s values with the right visual identity and the right message. As a signature images the company, it must draw people’s attention, show how dynamic a company is and inspire its recipients to continue the adventure with you ! For that reason, it should be uniform, and fortunately, it is now possible to automate this task.

As well as a positive external impact, a uniform signature will focus on employee’s expertise, regardless of their position in the company.