How do I deploy Boost My Mail?

In order to deploy Boost My Mail, you will need to follow two steps:

  • Add users that will benefit from e-mail signatures and banners,
  • Deploy our Outlook extension on user workstations.

Once this is done, you do not need to do it again. Your users will use the e-mail signatures and banners that you designed for them!


End-users statement
This phase enables Boost My Mail to save your user data.

→ Go to « My users » section.

You can use several methods. The first two methods are quite easy and should be used only for a small amount of end-users. For the last two methods, you will need to ask your IT department to set up Boost My Mail. They can be used for a large-scale deployment.

  • Web form : add users one by one,
  • CSV file : load our pre-filled template and add several users at once,
  • PowerShell script (create a scheduled task) : synchronize all or part of an Active Directory,
  • Synchronization with your Office 365 account.


Deployment of the Outlook extension
This phase enables Boost My Mail to send e-mail signatures in your messaging system.

→ Go to « Outlook » in « My settings » section.

Click the « Download Windows Installer » button to install it on a Windows environment or « Ask for Mac Application » for an Apple environment. 

In the latter case, we will provide you a link within 24 hours.

Once you have clicked on the « Download Windows Installer » button, the .MSI file named « BoostMyMail.setup.msi » will be loaded on your computer. You will then just have to spread it to every end-user and tell them to install it on their computer.

For a large-scale deployment, our extension is compatible with a silent GPO setup on « Terminal Server » environments.


I don’t understand anything, I can’t do it !
Don’t panic… We can help you! Contact us and we will help you chose the best method for your configuration.

How do I add a banner under my Boost My Mail signature?

You can add a banner when you create a signature or whenever you want using the « Banners » section. The process is the same whatever section you are working on.

Load your banner

You will first need to load your banner (.jpeg or .png file with an recommended resolution of 600px x 150px)


Settings of your new banner

You can then give a name to your banner, add a cliquable link on it and chose release dates.

We recommend that you use a name refering to your current or forthcoming campaign.

Finally, combine your banner to the signature of your choice