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Save time and relax using a tool that centralizes and updates e-mail signatures

By 14 March 2019No Comments
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In many companies, updating e-mail signatures is a puzzling problem. Most of the time, communication managers are in a rush to update manually every email signature for every end-user. A management tool that could automate the process and simplify the standardisation of email signatures would help a lot…

Among all the communication channels, email signatures are usually completely forgotten

An email signature does not always get the attention it deserves…

We must admit that corporate signatures are usually unsightly and inaccurate. Indeed, how many have already received, in the spring time, an email with a banner that says « We wish you a happy new year !» … ?

We can be understanding as far as small businesses are concerned, but big companies with a marketing department should be aware that it can affect their brand image.

Updating one’s email signature is an arduous tasks!

A communication officer can become very nervous when the time of e-mail signatures updates has come. « Most of them actually set this time-consuming task aside because they find it difficult to set it up », Antoine Girard said.

Sometimes, the task is assigned to the IT department… and they are usually not pleased with this either. A consistant or even automated e-mail signature update would be a good solution, but developping a software program would take time and allocating unplanned funds to it could be difficult.

How to simplify email signatures management?

And yet, e-mail signatures are a showcase for a company, and have real strengths for marketing activities. Boost My Mail aims at automating the process and standardizing corporate signatures in order to meet the needs of end-users, marketing and IT departments at the same time.

Serenity, time saver, user-friendly… and a better communication. The SaaS platform is compatible with an Outlook environment. End-users do not have to pay attention to their e-mail signatures anymore.

With only three clicks it is possible to embed a designed signature with a promotional banner in selected end-users mailboxes.