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Boost My Mail is the solution for managing e-mail signatures that lets you create and deploy a uniform e-mail signature throughout your company.  You can also analyze the performance of the banners that you send.


A single platform to manage all the e-mail signatures of your company

Boost My Mail centralizes, automates and simplifies the management of professional e-mail signatures.  The platform lets you enhance them with videos, images, and links to social networks.  Then you can assign the e-mail signatures to user groups that you or your AD define beforehand.


E-mail signatures can help your communication and marketing campaigns

Sending out consistent company e-mail signatures can strengthen its brand. With Boost My Mail, you can also draw your targets’ attention to your brand by adapting the links and banners of your e-mail signature to accompany your events and sales promotions.


Analyze the performance of your e-mail signature

Study the click rate of the links embedded in your e-mail signatures and learn more about your customers and your targets by monitoring via Boost My Mail and Google Analytics. Your sales teams will benefit from an additional tool to personalize their offers and satisfy their target customers.


A solution that fits perfectly into your environment

Boost My Mail is compatible with the main messaging services: you can use it to create an e-mail signature in Outlook or Gmail.

No need to install it on the server.

Available for Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Can be synchonized with your user directory (Azure AD, Active Directory, Directory G Suite).

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