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You want to create a professional email signature but you don’t know anything about html coding and you don’t know much about graphic design either? Don’t panic, Boost My Mail is here to send email signatures to your employees’Outlook and Gmail email accounts. With Boost My Mail, control your branding and share your news. By doing so, you can turn your employees’ emails into real webmarketing levers. Discover the steps required to create a professional email signature and deploy it automatically to all your employees.


1. Create & deploy

Get started with Boost My Mail by choosing an email signature template. The email signature must convey the first impression of your brand. To make your email signature memorable, attractive and creative , use our designer. It’s easy to use and provides you with a wide-ranging gallery of models to choose from . Customise your template with your brand image, and insert your logo. Deployment is centralised and ultra-fast. The email signature is automatically inserted into each email sent by your employees. The email signature helps you convey a positive image of your brand, and encourages recipients to find out more about your company with the help of clickable links and the “call-to-action” button on your email signature banner.

So develop traffic to your website and social networks, and open a new webmarketing channel. On your marks, get set, go!

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2. Communicate

The email signature is a webmarketing lever. Increase the impact of your communication actions by adding a clickable banner to your employees’ personalised email signature. Create your banners easily with the help of our designer. Start scheduling marketing campaigns on every outgoing email from your company right now, and turn your employees into brand ambassadors. Select your clickable banner’s format add an image or an illustration, a message, and a CTA button to get maximum numbers of clicks. Boost My Mail provides an exclusive feature with campaign scenarios .

When you use it, you optimise relationships with your leads and customers by providing them with a unique experience. Finally, develop your conversion rate and customer loyalty. So, ready to script your campaigns?

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3. Measure

Why create an email signature with Boost My Mail? Our solution forms an integral part of your inbound marketing strategy. View Boost My Mail’s daily digital marketing tips and turn your employees’emails into real marketing weapons. Target your campaigns in line with your employees’ activity groups so as to ensure that your communications are appropriate to their recipients’ typology. With our statistics dashboard, measure your campaigns’ performance by consulting the volume of clicks on your promotional banners, and controlling their proper deployment. Ideal for making email signatures a webmarketing acquisition lever. Finally, an elegant, comprehensive tool, designed with you in mind. Create a unique professional email signature in a few clicks, and get started!

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Our customers are satisfied,
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Perrine Douillard
VM - Herige Group

We couldn’t do without the solution these days! It's great for marketing teams to be able to produce personalised, useful, relevant email signatures.

Marie Doxin
Chesneau Group

The ease of implementation and automation of email signature deployment finally convinced us.

Nathalie Ganaye
LBA Walter France

We see real interest around our banners and significant numbers of clicks.

Stén Bienvenu
Classe 7

I was immediately won over by the simplicity of its interface for email signature creation and marketing campaign management.

Tristan Auriol

Time savings are enormous! For information’s sake, we gain one man-day for each new email signature created, and one day for its integration on each post.

Logo Floa
Logo Département Maine et Loire
Logo Notaires de France
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Logo de l'entreprise Walter France qui utilise Boost My Mail pour assurer leur promotion sur les signatures de mail de leur collaborateur
Logo de la CCI de Saint-Nazaire qui utilise Boost My Mail pour assurer leur promotion sur les signatures de mail de leur collaborateur.
Logo de l'entreprise Kline qui utilise Boost My Mail pour diffuser automatiquement des signatures de mail à l'ensemble de leur collaborateurs
Logo de l'entreprise La Cantine qui utilise Boost My Mail pour communiquer sur leurs actualités
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Logo de l'entreprise A5sys - Client Boost My Mail
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Logo VM
Logo de l'entreprise IMA protect qui utilise l'interface de signature mail Boost My Mail pour maîtriser son branding
Logo de l'entreprise Eskimoz utilisé pour harmoniser leur image de marque sur chaque email envoyé par leur collaborateur avec l'outil Boost My Mail
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A made in France web platform!

Une plateforme web made in France Partenaire de la French Tech
Pictogramme pour le pilotage des signatures
Pictogramme pour la diffusion de campagnes en illimité
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Campaigns disseminated
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A 100% Secure
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Compatible avec Microsoft Compatible avec Google

Compatible with Microsoft and Google

Boost My Mail is an extension compatible with your Microsoft and Google emails. Your emails are never stored on our servers. Your data transit in full privacy. The application is simplicity itself to use, automatically adding unified personalised email signatures to each email created by your company’s employees.

Our SaaS solution ensures updates in line with Microsoft’s and Google’s day-to-day evolutions. Our solution’s adaptability to your messaging is 100% guaranteed.

Certification de haute sécurité de la plateforme par Microsoft Azure

The Boost My Mail platform’s high security

Boost My Mail is a Microsoft partner and is hosted on Microsoft Azure in SaaS mode. It benefits from the platform’s high security guarantees, with ISO27001 and ISO20000 standards. Hence, your company also benefits from high levels of security against web attacks and protection of your data.

Guaranteed certifications with Microsoft Azure

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Compatible with your
CRM & Marketing Automation!

What is an email signature with Boost My Mail ? Our tool provides much more than an email signature. With Boost My Mail, use the email signature to control your brand image, make it memorable, and communicate your news. Boost My Mail is compatible with Outlook, Outlook for Mac and Google, as well as with the CRM and/or Marketing Automation solution you use to send your emails: Salesforce, Sellsy, etc… So don’t hesitate any longer – trying out Boost My Mail means adopting it!

Compatible avec le CRM Sellsy
Compatible avec le CRM Sales Forces

Our secure solution interests you?

Boost your brand image’s and campaigns’ visibility

L'harmonisation des signatures mail des collaborateurs avec l'outil Boost My Mail

Create your email scenarios

Taking good care of your email signature is essential to your professional image. Boost My Mail provides an exclusive feature: create a campaign scenario. A campaign scenario consists of several clickable banners that automatically succeed each other as your employees send emails over the course of the day. The feature enables you to communicate on several news items at once, so that your communication is constantly in motion. This enables you to maximise your email signature’s return on investment. It’s the perfect tool if you want to adapt your content to time of day so as to increase traffic and create a pleasant, diversified customer experience. Step by step, create a harmonious, promotional email signature.

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La visibilité dû au signature de mail Boost My Mail avec un déploiement automatisé

Schedule your campaigns

An email signature is composed of your logo, your employee’s and the company’s contact information, clickable buttons linking to your website, your social networks and appointment booking. It’s also accompanied by a marketing campaign in clickable banner format. Companies too often omit this second part, which is nonetheless a major asset. Displaying advertisements on your employees’ emails is useful in terms of visibility and development of your business opportunities. With Boost My Mail, you can ensure nonstop dissemination of an email banner in your employees’ email signatures, thanks to the programming feature. If you don’t have any news in progress, programme a default campaign so as to keep on disseminating email banners in employees’ email signatures.

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La croissance dû au signature de mail Boost My Mail

Target your campaigns

Segment your communication on your email signatures in accordance with your employees’ activity groups. This will make your campaigns all the more attractive to final recipients. Programme your single campaigns or campaign scenarios in email banner format in your employee’s email signature. The banner will enable you to relay essential messages and generate traffic to your web pages. A clickable banner promotes your company by highlighting your expertise and your news. It must fit naturally into the body of the email, highlighting email content and the ad alike. It’s an effective way of expanding your community and building customer loyalty. So, ready to communicate effectively with your email signature ?

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Interface de la solution Boost My Mail pour harmoniser les signatures mail des collaborateurs

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