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Certification pour la sécurité des données utilisateurs : RGPD
Compatibilité Gsuite : outils collaboratifs de messagerie
Compatibilité Gmail s messagerie électronique pour les professionnel
Compatibilité Exchange: serveur de messagerie électronique
Compatibilité Office 365 : service de messagerie web pour professionnel
Solution compatible avec Outlook : service de messagerie web pour entreprise

Our customers are satisfied,
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Perrine Douillard
VM - Herige Group

We couldn’t do without the solution these days! It's great for marketing teams to be able to produce personalised, useful, relevant email signatures.

Marie Doxin
Chesneau Group

The ease of implementation and automation of email signature deployment finally convinced us.

Nathalie Ganaye
LBA Walter France

We see real interest around our banners and significant numbers of clicks.

Stén Bienvenu
Classe 7

I was immediately won over by the simplicity of its interface for email signature creation and marketing campaign management.

Tristan Auriol

Time savings are enormous! For information’s sake, we gain one man-day for each new email signature created, and one day for its integration on each post.

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