NEW FEATURE 7 June 2022

Innovating with email signatures: Boost My Mail is raising €1 million

Photo des dirigeants de Boost My Mail après la levé de fond de Boost My Mail

Boost My Mail, a key player in the French email signature market, has just raised €1 million to accelerate marketing of its web platform. Ouest Croissance and BPI, the operation’s partners, were particularly impressed by Boost My Mail’s robustness and financial strategy. The solution, which now has more than 20,000 users, is proving the success of its business model as it progresses. In the current health context, where telework has become a norm and the number of emails sent is exploding, this innovative tool provides new communication perspectives.

36 emails per day received per employee

This is the average number of emails received by an employee (source: Email Marketing Attitude study – SNCD). For a company with 50 employees, the email signature is seen and potentially clicked 1,800 times, a great opportunity for marketing and communication teams as it’s a highly visible space without being intrusive. The Nantes-based start-up Boost My Mail, publisher of a web solution to create and deploy professional email signatures to its employees in just a few clicks, has been capitalising on this fact since its creation two years ago and has raised 1 million euros. In a health crisis context, this is a positive testimony in digital innovation. Divided up into capital, bank loan and innovation scheme, with the support of the BPI and Ouest Croissance, the funds raised will mainly be used to accelerate the company’s development and growth. The product’s quality, simplicity of use and market potential are other assets that have attracted interest. “Boost My Mail is based on simple, effective positioning: use employee emails to unify and reinforce brand image and communicate company news. We want to assist companies in their efforts to amplify and multiply their communication with the help of email signatures“, its President, Arnaud Guillet, explains.

Ideation, creation and incubation

2017. Arnaud Guillet, President of A5sys, a Nantes-based company specialising in application development, wants to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure. He proposed to his employees to experiment with a new ideation model, in which everyone can give their opinion. About thirty projects were presented. Among them, Antoine Girard’s project: Boost My Mail. After a benchmarking phase which showed that the market was extremely open to this type of solution (85% of the companies questioned were ready to offer this type of service), Arnaud was convinced and the company was created in February 2018, directly within the group.

From a clever idea to a product worthy of the very best

Boost My Mail, a simple, smart tool to communicate with each employee email, is a SaaS application compatible with the most commonly used professional messaging systems: Outlook and Gsuite. A recent partnership with the designer Canva, implemented on the tool, enables graphic creation of banners. With Boost My Mail, in just a few clicks, a single person in a company can customise one or more email signature templates, synchronise them with all employees, and disseminate banners in emails on a regular basis/ The goal: to reinforce the company’s brand image by controlling communication on each outgoing email. Hence, each employee becomes a true ambassador of their company. In the long term, and thanks to the funds raised, Boost My Mail aims to become the standard on the email signature market. The next two years will see new improvements and features, going yet further in terms of personalisation and statistics. “As an entrepreneur, I’m very proud to be supporting this first-rate solution. The tool was the result of a brilliant, very simple idea, but one requiring a great many technical skills to develop. We’ve achieved a result worthy of the biggest American companies in terms of ergonomics, performance and user experience. Its success in the market proves it. Today, we’re even in a position to open up internationally“, Arnaud Guillet concludes.

In the photo: Arnaud Guillet, CEO, and Antoine Girard, CTO