Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

👉 Manage and disseminate your company’s news in your employees’ emails

Exemple d'une campagne marketing pour communiquer sur le covid-19

Let’s stay mobilised

The health crisis has had an unprecedented impact on companies in France and around the world. You have to adapt on a daily basis, strengthen your digital communication, maximise telework and wear a mask for everyone’s wellbeing. Keeping in touch with customers and partners has become a real challenge! Strengthening your company’s digital communication means using social networks, chatbots and the web in general, as well as emails sent by your employees. Email is a company’s primary communication channel. Emails sent by your employees are a good way of reinforcing your brand image and communicating on the latest news, which changes every day.

Let’s communicate better

To communicate better with your customers, partners and suppliers, use each of your employees’ email signatures. The communication space is clearly visible. Emails sent by your employees are 100% delivered to their recipients, unlike mass email campaigns. The email signature extends your employee’s message and guarantees your company’s brand image. An email banner can be added to communicate your news.

The average employee sends 40 emails a day. If your company has 50 employees, your campaigns’ visibility is multiplied, with:
👉 2000 views of your information campaign a day
👉 40,000 potential clicks a month.


Go for ready-to-use email banners

A ready-to-use kit is available to download the email banners of your choice, informing recipients of your news or what behaviour to adopt to protect themselves from Covid-19.
👉 Click here

covid 19

covid 19