Webmarketing 7 June 2022

3 marketing ideas to boost an email campaign with a signature

Ecran d'ordinateur avec une présentation des signatures mail gérées par Boost My Mail

Do you know how many emails are exchanged every day in France? 1.4 billion! Email is a very powerful communication tool. Here are a few tips for a successful email campaign with a simple email signature.

1- Synchronise your email campaign with your colleagues’ email signatures

The email signature is a communication channel with a real human dimension. It’s conveyed by your best ambassadors: your employees. Using a centralised management tool enables you to harmonise 100% of your company’s email signatures. In just a few minutes, programme your campaigns and increase the impact of your company’s news. To do so, create a clickable email banner that complements your employees’ email signatures. Assign content that correlates with your employees’ jobs (sales, customer relations, support, HR, etc.).

2- Go for inbound marketing

Opt for an inbound marketing strategy to familiarise your recipients with your brand. This way of approaching your leads and customers completely changes the nature of your relationship with them. The classical sales cycle is changed from beginning to end. This buying journey strategy pairs well with a content marketing strategy.

At the beginning of the sales cycle:
– Showcase your brand/company. Invite your recipients to attend an event, download a white paper, read a blog post, etc
– Vary banners with more “push” communications as much as possible; for example, alternate your campaigns with promotions, product launches, etc.

campagne email signature mail
At the end of the sales cycle, provide content that’s designed to build customer loyalty and generate word-of-mouth:
– Create a campaign with a video to share,
– Promote a sponsorship offer, etc.

3- Use the email signature as an alternative to mass emailing

Creating an email campaign on your employees’ email signatures is an effective alternative to mass emailing. The opening rate for everyday emails is higher than the average opening rate for mass emailing. The reason for this success is simple enough: the email is personalised and is sent by someone known to its recipient. The risk of an email being spammed is almost zero. This makes the campaign more visible. To get started, sequence your newsletters in email banner format. This saves you time in content production. Finally, give a score to each of your leads’ actions with a marketing automation tool (click on a banner, download a white paper, etc.). Boost My Mail provides a dashboard for comparison of campaigns’ click volumes. Ideal for making your email campaigns perform and turn your email signature into a digital marketing lever.