Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

3-step tutorial to create a logo and a beautiful email signature

Exemple de logo design et chic crée avec Canva

More than 200 billion emails are sent every day worldwide. With an average open rate of 85%, email is a powerful communication channel. Promoting your brand in your email exchanges is not an option! Creating a beautiful and professional email signature will amplify your communication and reinforce your brand image.

1/ Create your logo on Canva

Your company logo is your brand image. To create it easily, use the Canva online editor. Register for free and log in to the platform. Several logo templates are available. You can select one and customise it. You don’t need to be a graphic designer, you just need to have a sense of design, and above all to have determined the positioning and targets of your company beforehand. Your logo must be recognisable and inspire confidence. With the “Drag & Drop” creation tool, your logo is designed in a few clicks!

Canva Signature Mail Boost My Mail“Go to this link to create your new logo and click on “Create a custom logo”.

2/ Create your email signature on Boost My Mail

As with the creation of your logo, choose an email signature template from the gallery of templates offered by Boost My Mail. Simply insert your new logo and customise your email signature to reflect your new graphic identity. Choose the elements you want to include in the email signature to invite your recipients to discover more about you (contact details, website, social networks, etc.). Once you have configured your signature template, all you have to do is integrate your users. The editor will ask you to integrate the email accounts of your collaborators, either by manual entry or by synchronisation. Deployment is instantaneous. Good plan: subscribe for free with the ambassador pack (up to 10 users).

modele signature mailBoost My Mail – Mail signature template selection and configuration

3/ Add a banner to your email signature

An email is an advertising space to be exploited. When one of your colleagues sends an email to a client or a prospect, they can promote a second message. That’s the whole point of a banner email. Communicate about your company without making the email appear as an intrusive advertising space. It is the right place for self-promotion and to spread news about your company (product launch, event, etc).

To create your banner in a few clicks, go to Choose a web banner template and customise it to 600 x 150 pixels. You can select the colour, font and images to suit your graphic identity. Once your banner is created, upload it to the Boost My Mail email signature creation editor. Schedule your campaign’s distribution dates. Finally, a statistics monitoring tool allows you to visualise the performance of your campaigns. For all these reasons, use AB testing to target your campaigns. Develop your customer acquisition and loyalty!

Bannière Mail Signature Mail CanvaExample of an event mail banner (clickable banner to send to a landing page)