Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

5 essential tips to optimise your email signature

Homme qui écrit un mail avec une signature de mail sur son ordinateur

The email signature is a space that companies still make far too little use of. However, it can be a real communication lever when it’s properly used. Here are 5 tips on how to make the most of the footer’s advertising potential.

1/ Select the information to include in your signature

To keep an email signature readable and relevant, avoid overloading it. To ensure this, only select the most important information for inclusion in your signature. Give priority to information about the employee, such as family name, first name, position and telephone number. Then add information that encourages recipients to find out a bit more about your company (social networks, website link, etc.).

2/ Take great care over the design of your signature

The email signature is a quick way for your recipient to recognise your company. It must be consistent with your graphic identity (dominant colour, typography and logo).

3/ Add a photo to personalise the relationship with your contact

A signature with your photo is much more eye-catching than a signature without a photo. It helps strengthen the bond with your recipient.

4/ Accompany your signature with a marketing campaign

The email footer is a direct marketing space, so take advantage of it! Prioritise clickable banners with links to landing pages. Vary your banners in line with events relating to your company’s news. To do this, create an annual editorial plan so that nothing is left to chance!

5/ Measure the impact of your campaigns

Use our tracking tool to measure the effectiveness of one banner compared with another. Doing so can help you refine your marketing campaign choices for the future.

 In short, you have to succeed in making everyday email more of an advertising tool without diminishing its qualities. It’s all in the mix!

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