Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

Digital marketing: Give visibility to your campaigns with collaborative emails

Signature de mail cliquable pour promouvoir les différentes occasions pour communiquer

Digital marketing is of key importance to companies these days. And it’s become all the more important since the health crisis. Digital technology is everywhere and is invading all areas of marketing. From promotion to procurement facilitation to customer relations, it’s present at every contact point between brands and users. Used wisely and well integrated into an overall organisation, digital technology brings new magic to the customer experience. When developing digital campaigns, we automatically think of sponsored content, display banners, social networks and mass emailing. While email is a company’s primary communication channel. Integrating the channel into your digital marketing strategy will increase your performance. Your brand becomes more visible, recognisable and memorable.

Email is companies’ primary communication channel

Often, emails sent by employees are not considered as potential advertising space. Employees mostly use emails to communicate personalised messages to customers, partners and prospects. Yet the communication space provided by your employees’ emails is a potential well worth exploiting. The proof in numbers 😊
👉 Today, email is a company’s PRIMARY COMMUNICATION CHANNEL. About 1.4 billion emails are exchanged every day in France.
👉 36 EMAILS (excluding spam and mass emailing). This is the volume of emails received every day by an employee in France. In total, 75 emails are exchanged daily by

Email is the most popular communication channel because it’s the least intrusive, ahead of retargeting and video ads. It’s also a safe bet for information, which accounts for 61% of the reasons for opening an email. This primary position provides great marketing opportunities. So displaying an advertisement on your employees’ emails is relevant in terms of visibility. It must fit naturally into the body of the email, highlighting email content and the ad alike. The 4 key reasons for opening emails are:
👍The subject’s relevance,
👍Knowledge of the sender,
👍Trust in the sender,
👍Personalisation of the subject.

Your employees’ emails meet the above criteria in all respects, yet they’re often overlooked.

This is what Boost My Mail offers: a marketing tool that provides innovative personalisation of email signatures. The solution ensures that the company’s marketing actions are visible, engaging and non-intrusive. To try the solution for free for 14 days, go to this link.

The advertising space provided by an email signature

Very simply, the customer relationship can be optimised by personalising your employees’ email signatures. An email signature says a lot about a company: it conveys its brand image. It’s a first-rate digital business card that can make all the difference during email exchanges. It humanises the relationship, and enables a new use: communicating on news, external or internal alike. It enables you to communicate by having your employees convey the message. It digitalises your brand image. It’s a trusted, non-intrusive and highly visible communication space. With it, you generate value for your company. It makes your brand all the easier to remember, enabling you to develop a new sales and retention channel.
🚀 An important figure: in a company with 100 employees, your brand image and campaigns are viewed an average of 3,600 times a day!


Concrete post-reception actions with the email signature

Adding a banner to the email signature enables you to multiply your marketing actions. You’ll be able to create traffic and communicate about your website, one of your white papers, your next event, your latest article, your newsletter, your current campaigns, your news, and so on. Availability of easy- to-download content will enable you to collect data and find out more about your leads.

Sébastien H., manager of the Nantes-based Actual Systèmes agency, explains the solution’s advantages:

“Whereas before, we used to send out one newsletter a week, we now relay our news via banners in salespeople’s email signatures. We realised that most mass emails sent out were ending up in wastepaper baskets or spam files. While an email sent by one of our salespeople is inevitably opened. We have 13 salespeople, who send between 50 and 100 emails a day to customers and prospects. As they can’t cover all the latest topics, email banners relay news items of potential interest to their recipients. The most recurrent themes are promotions underway, news, and product launches. We usually have a significant volume of clicks, between 150 and 200, on our promotional offers. The most successful campaign we ran was for a new GDPR product launch. The campaign generated over 900 clicks.

Customise your email signatures in order to relay your internal news

No need to remind you that circulation of information is as important internally as it is externally, whatever the company’s size. So email signatures play a major role in informing your employees and getting to know them better. Here are some ideas for your internal communication topics:
– An internal “save the date!” event (seminar, trade show, webinar, company anniversary, etc.)
– The arrival of a new colleague or a colleague’s promotion,
– Work in progress, etc.


Email signatures are on the rise with Boost My Mail!

Deploying a unified email signature to all your employees is not as easy as you might think. Setting up an email signature workstation by workstation is a real headache and very time-consuming. Nor does it guarantee optimal display of email signatures. Using a tool is the ideal option for centralising and managing your email signatures. With Boost My Mail, a single administrator can generate a personalised email signature for all their employees in just a few clicks. The solution enables you to relay communication campaigns in email banner format in the signature. Boost My Mail’s UX UI is well thought out and ensures that the tool is quick to master and easy to handle. It’s compatible with Outlook and Gsuite. The icing on the cake: the solution provides a dashboard enabling you to view campaign performances. This is our business today: providing a centralised, automated solution to deployment of and communication with email signatures in order to make your employees your best brand ambassadors


You now know how to turn your email signatures into a new sales and internal promotion channel!

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