Email is a powerful communication tool for LBA WALTER France

Photo de Nathalie Ganaye chargée de communication pour LBA Walter France lors de l'interview au sujet de la solution Boost My Mail

LBA Walter France is an accounting, auditing and consulting firm. Interview with Nathalie Ganaye, Communications Manager, who tells us more about the choices that led her to subscribe to Boost My Mail! She comes back in particular to email, a powerful communication vector.


Email signature?

We had a problem at the firm: managing email signatures in real time for all our employees. The email signature must convey up-to-date information. Too often, the information was outdated (New Year’s greetings in March, or an event that ended a month ago) due to lack of time or technical expertise. That’s why we were immediately attracted to this automated email management solution. We also wanted to use this communication channel to promote our news and expertise. These days, I plan my campaigns and the tool rolls them out on all our email signatures. It’s simple and effective! We subscribed to Boost My Mail because it was so simple to use. The platform is ergonomic and easy to access.

Beta tester?

We were lucky enough to be integrated into the solution’s development right from the start as we were asked to be a beta tester. I say lucky because we had real discussions with the Boost My Mail team and they adapted their solution to our organisation. Let me give you an example: when they receive an email, the contact has to click on the image to open it and read the message. We wanted the images to open automatically, and Boost My Mail adapted accordingly. And the tool is constantly evolving, with useful new features such as image-size management and the ability to customise signatures with addition of specific information. Organisations evolve. So does the Boost My Mail solution.


We see real interest around our banners and significant numbers of clicks. That’s why I make it my job to see that they’re creative and very visual. I renew our campaigns every two to three weeks. They’re very popular, both internally and externally. Some of our customers don’t hesitate to send us feedback. Our communication is mainly on our news (information breakfasts, events, etc.) and our business expertise. Finally, our banners always link to an article or a landing page to complement the information.