Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

Email signatures’ marketing potential

Femme entourée d'écrans

Digital marketing is an essential lever in a company’s strategy. 1.4 billion, that’s the number of emails sent every day in France. With an opening rate of 86%, the daily email has no reason to be jealous of mass email campaigns! It’s a trusted communication channel that should be regarded as one of the pillars of webmarketing.

To optimise everyday emails’ marketing potential, you need to integrate an email signature with a banner into them. Thanks to its position at the foot of the email, this format does not interfere with reading the message, and the personalised relationship is maintained. When one of your employees sends a message to a prospect, customer or partner, it reinforces the company’s brand image while relaying news or promotional offers. So it conveys a second message that might well interest its recipient!

To exploit everyday emails’ marketing potential, you need to automate email signature deployment. The Boost My Mail online solution enables easy automation. The platform also measures campaigns’ effectiveness by tracking the volume of clicks they generate.