Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

Employee email, an ecological alternative to mass emailing

L'email collaborateur comme alternative écologique à l'emailing

Emails are indispensable in our society. It’s a company’s primary means of communication And what with the health crisis and telework, it’s even more essential today. Boost My Mail is a tool for managing employee email signatures. The solution is an ecological alternative to mass emailing solutions, which consume a great deal of energy.

The platform enables you capitalise your corporate communication on your employees’ indispensable daily emails. Use them to self-promote your company and communicate your news. In order to perpetuate its activity, Boost My Mail has set itself a challenge: plant thousands of trees in order to create sustainable, ecological capital 😃.As an example, here are the benefits with 1000 trees planted:
☁️Climate: 150 tons of CO2 stored
🐦Biodiversity: 300 animal shelters created
💕Health: 400 months of oxygen generated
😉Employment: 100 hours of work created

For each new subscription, a tree is planted

The company proposes using everyday emails to communicate rather than making systematic use of mass emailing campaigns. In return, in addition to a new tree planted and as a welcome gift, Boost My Mail is offering a 15% discount, with the GREEN15 code.

Capitalise on employee emails’ communication space

An email generates about 10 grams of CO2/year, increasing to 20 grams of CO2 if there’s an attachment. Boost My Mail has identified a real ecological opportunity to optimise the communication space provided by essential emails, i.e. those sent by employees. How? By using employees’ email signatures. A recent study showed that each employee in a 100-person company sends an average of 30 emails a day, and receives an average of 50. The one-to-one email is a communication space that is made little or no use of, even though it’s highly visible. It’s as visible as it’s impactful as it’s conveyed by the company’s best ambassadors, its employees. Communications can also be targeted in line with the employee’s job.

Email signature management for healthy, smart communication

Boost My Mail provides an alternative to mass emailing. Its niche? Capitalising on your employees’ emails with an incentivising professional email signature. Your marketing actions’ effectiveness will be significantly increased with a simple email signature. Each email sent by one of your employees will include a professional email signature that helps make your brand more memorable and conveys a second message complementing your employee’s message, with a clickable banner under the email signature.

The benefits are many:
👉 Control of the company’s digital identity, and centralised governance,
👉 A secure information system that respects your company’s email privacy and carbon footprint (no storage),
👉 Reinforcement of the company’s brand image,
👉 Development of new business opportunities,
👉 An ecological action. You use an existing email to communicate and invite its recipient to read content by redirecting them to a landing page rather than adding an attachment.


The right behaviour to adopt in order to reduce your carbon footprint

Simply put, you can limit overstocking of emails and communicate effectively! Here are a few rules to follow in order to reduce your company’s carbon footprint:
🙏Keep received emails for a maximum of 15 days. It’s storage, not sending, that makes emails energy-consuming. Or sort your mailbox weekly and delete unnecessary messages.
🙏Use employee emails to disseminate your news, and deduplicate email sending by doing so.
🙏Avoid attachments that are too heavy (over 2MB). Prioritise clickable links or use the email signature to direct recipients to other content via the signature’s buttons or an email banner.
🙏Deactivate sending of notifications in your mailbox, those from social networks for example.

You now know how to use email responsibly and give real visibility to your communication! So go ahead 🎉🎉
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