Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

Influencer marketing: what are the stakes, goals and the new levers?

Le marketing d'influence comme levier d'acquisition

For effective communication, brands want to be transparent and responsive. While traditional forms of advertising still exist, companies are seeking users’ and influencers’ opinions on how to present themselves in more authentic ways. Influencer marketing is packed with opportunities for companies to increase their reach and impact on their target audience.

So how can you give your business visibility through influencer marketing? Here’s our advice on adapting your strategy to this growing trend. 

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing refers to methods used to make good use of recommendations. Today, more than 9 out of 10 marketers incorporate influencer marketing into their strategy (SocialPubli, 2019). It’s a concept that evolves continuously, in line with trends. Initially, influencer marketing was mainly aimed at active community members and influencer bloggers , even before social media took over from digital communications.

Today, webmarketing and communication take full advantage of it. It’s an essential lever, as influencers are close to their communities. They have in-depth knowledge of the various profiles that make up their audiences. So they’re able to create appropriate, relevant content. Social networks are places of exchange, sharing and monitoring, where storytelling is king.

The challenges of influencer marketing.

The main goal is to make your brand visible and win over the surrounding community. To put it simply, to make them like and embrace it. Opinion leaders are the foundation of an influencer marketing strategy. With their involvement, your company can increase its sales dramatically by focusing on referrals, visibility and rivalry.

Impact des influenceurs et croissance de la communauté

Some influencers’ engagement rates are significant, enabling anticipation of the target community’s responsiveness. The goal is to choose the right personality to represent your brand so as to provide relevant content and have greater impact.

In short, influencer marketing is now a must! A multitude of possibilities are available to you, but the key word is still authenticity. Effective collaboration between an influencer and a brand results from shared common values and a spontaneous, natural campaign.

Your brand image unified by your employees.

Within your organisation, your employees can become brand ambassadors and interact online. It’s also an effective lever for increasing a company’s visibility

👉Because who better to talk about your brand’s advantages than your employees? They’re special ambassadors when it comes to recommending and relaying messages on social networks and other channels. The most important channel is still email, especially for your employees. Email is generally the preferred choice as it’s regarded as a less intrusive communication channel.

The major benefit comes from the relationship of trust created between members of a company and their recipients. It’s therefore essential that email dissemination is controlled by your marketing teams, as your company’s brand image is at stake. So on no account neglect your employees’ influence!

Email signatures’ role in influencer marketing

Your employees’ email signatures play an essential role in generating leads and increasing your brand’s visibility. For example, the Boost My Mail signature management tool enables you to create and disseminate campaigns with the cooperation of all your employees.

🚀It’s a highly influential webmarketing lever, which enables you to highlight various communication media, such as your website, one of your white papers, an event, or a news item…

Signature de mail pour booster votre image de marque

With Boost My Mail, based on a series of email signature templates, the user can create a corporate signature in just a few clicks. And your employees will convey your message with every email they send. They’ll position themselves as privileged influencers in support of your company’s attractiveness. Your brand image will be unified, highly visible and memorable!

You now know how to make your employees special ambassadors for your influencer marketing strategy, thanks to their email signature!