Notaires Office is developing its reputation with its email signatures

Photo de Ludovic Stang directeur général du groupe Notaires Office - utilisateur de la solution Boost My Mail

Notaires Office is an innovative network of notaries’ offices based on the cooperative model and present throughout France. Their goal is to establish a reference brand for a modern notary’s practice in order to meet the new generation’s expectations, and to pool skills and investments. Find out how Notaires Office has developed its reputation by making employees’ email signatures an effective communication lever.

It’s a rapidly expanding network, currently representing 40 notary offices, 75 associate notaries and more than 430 employees. Ludovic Stang, Managing Director of the Notaires Office Group, was kind enough to answer our questions. In this interview, he gives us his feedback on his use of email signatures with Boost My Mail. You’ll find out what he thinks about the solution’s benefits and the tool’s implementation.

What are Notaires Office’s communication and marketing challenges?

Notaires Office has to raise awareness in order to establish itself in the notarial landscape as a reference brand. Since its creation in 2020, the Notaires Office Group’s brand strategy has been based on three focuses: the brand must be visible as a landmark brand, a mutualist brand and an employer brand.

Web presence is essential in our business. The online services we offer are innovative as far as the notary profession is concerned. So we have major needs in terms of communication and marketing in order to mutualise our network’s reference brand and have a unified digital communication strategy. To do this, we need to use the best possible webmarketing levers, including employee emails. Notaires Office helps its notary offices to create and facilitate social networks, website redesign, natural referencing, personalised canvassing, and email signatures.

What are the benefits of email signatures for Notaries Office?

The solution enables us to evolve on 3 strategic focuses:

👉 Making our brand memorable: when you think Notary, you automatically think of Notaires Office. This is achieved through the visibility and uniqueness we give Notaires Office with its employees’ email signatures. On average, each employee sends between 30 and 40 emails a day.

👉 Uniting our employees and firms around the Notaires Office network. The email signature is an essential marker, both internally and externally.

👉 Triggering engagement through our email signatures, by generating traffic to our websites, social networks, and all our related digital services (online appointment booking, etc.), and relayed information (legal news, etc.).

And finally, we especially appreciate the advanced campaign management the tool provides, and the statistics dashboard. Every week a new animated banner creates the news in our email signatures.

Exemple signatures de mail pour accroître la notoriété

How is implementation of email signatures in offices carried out?

Notre collaboration avec Boost My Mail est très agréable. Nous avons un interlocuteur privilégié qui nous accompagne dans le déploiement de la solution auprès de deux à quatre nouvelles études par mois. En résumé, c’est un suivi de proximité et de qualité pour s’assurer du bon déploiement, et de la bonne utilisation fonctionnelle au quotidien.

A final word 😊

Boost My Mail has become a key partner and we’re more than satisfied as the company helps us in the cooperative’s development and deployment. Boost My Mail is part of any new office’s entry kit. You’re a must for us!