The Chesneau Group uses email banners to generate more traffic on their website

Photo de Marie Doxin chargée de projet numérique du Groupe Chesneau lors de l'interview sur Boost My Mail

Chesneau is a business insurance broker. We met Marie Doxin, Digital Project Manager, who shared her experience using the Boost My Mail solution.

How did you hear about Boost My Mail?

We met Boost My Mail’s CTO during an event organised by the Nantes-based ADN Booster network, which assists young innovative companies. We liked the concept he presented to us. So we tested it for a trial period. Our company is large enough for updating email signatures on each workstation to be a lengthy task. Going around 45 workstations to make sure the signature was delivered to each mailbox was time-consuming. There were always signatures that were no longer relevant. Furthermore, due to our size, we don’t have a full range of communication tools. So doing self-promotion on everyday emails, and at less cost, is by no means insignificant.

How was the solution implemented in the Group?

I tested the solution with our teams, who validated the principle. The ease of implementation and automation of email signature deployment finally convinced us. Before, we didn’t regard email signatures as a key lever. These days, we use it as the main lever for generating traffic on our website. We send more than 160,000 external emails a year; it would be a pity not to exploit this communication channel. What we particularly like is that we can view banners’ click volumes, which enables us to know our ROI.

How do you prepare your email banners’ editorial content?

To develop our email banner publication calendar, I suggested a workshop-style meeting to the team. We communicate mainly on our expertise and employer brand. Banners mostly link to articles and registration forms on our site. We also share events that we take part in, especially charitable ones. We’ve decided on more than 20 themes in total for this year.