The Classe 7 communication agency offers its clients Boost My Mail!

Photo de Stén Bienvenu dirigeant-fondateur de l’agence de communication Classe 7

Stén Bienvenu, the Classe 7 communication agency’s founder and director , has become a brand ambassador for Boost My Mail. Convinced of the solution before becoming an influencer, he looks back on his early days with Boost My Mail.

Why were you looking for a professional email signature editor?

I was looking for a turnkey solution to facilitate implementation of email signatures for my clients. After testing Boost My Mail within the agency, I was immediately won over by the simplicity of its interface for creation of email signatures and management of marketing campaigns.

Have you changed your communication practices?

I followed the guide in order to set up my account and synchronise my team’s user accounts via Gmail. Then I customised our signature template. I deployed the agency’s email signature to all my employees on my own.

Avez-vous changé vos usages en matière de communication ?

Communicating with an email banner in the signature makes it easier for us to inform our customers, prospects and partners more regularly on our news, offers and expertise. So we’ve set up a calendar and disseminate a new campaign every month. We programme our editorial plan once a year, which is a real time saver!