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Top 10 email signatures to close more leads

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To maximise your profit, you need to close as many leads as possible. To do so, salespeople work very hard to turn your leads into customers, but it’s not always easy…

The task can sometimes be very complicated and exchanges numerous before reaching a conclusion. Unfortunately, there’s no single strategy that works for everyone. One thing is certain, though: you send a great many emails during your exchanges. But this means of communication is not exploited to the full. Emails provide unique opportunities to get their recipients better acquainted with your company, doing so in passive fashion by using email signatures. So let’s give you what you need in order to close more leads, with 10 infallible email signatures!

An email signature as a winning solution

The question everyone asks themselves: how do you convince a prospect to choose us? The answer to this question is simple enough – give them the right information!

But how do you do it the right way while controlling the information your prospect will refer to?

Our advice: When exchanging emails, remember to use your email signature wisely! This will enable you to send important information to your prospect in a non-intrusive way.

Emails have impressive potential. Data from Statista reveal a steady increase in numbers of emails received and sent. It predicts that email exchanges will exceed 347 billion per day by 2022. Hence, by using this volume effectively, the email signature is a powerful communication channel to win new customers as well as retain your customers and partners. Your brand will be more visible, recognisable and memorable.

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How do you get more acquisitions with email signatures?

👉 Add Call-to-Action buttons

An email signature is generally composed of the sender’s contact details and identity and the logo of the company they represent. However, in order to use an email signature effectively, this isn’t enough. An email signature is a promotional space in its own right. With your email signature, you must encourage your prospect to find out more about your company. To do this, it’s essential to add Call-To-Action buttons. This will enable you to bring added value to your signature. You can communicate on:

– Product or service launches,
– A white paper or eBook,
– Future events,
– A future partnership,
– Webinars.

There’s no shortage of topics, but they must be strategically thought out in accordance with the recipient. So the call-to-action button is a must in any email signature. It’s a traffic generator ensuring that you’ll close more deals in the long run. In business, it’s regularly a question of asserting your expertise in order to show your strengths in the face of competition. This is the whole point of an email signature: redirect your interlocutor to pages that will arouse their interest. By doing so, you control your brand image.

👉 Analyse ROI

Your email signature must become an efficacy indicator. Your signature campaigns must be part of a clear, well-thought-out digital marketing strategy. It’s therefore crucial to analyse your performance in order to optimise your results. To do this, you must pay close attention to the click rate on your communication, in particular on your banners. This can help you define the type of content your recipients are interested in so that you can adapt to them. The goal is to understand your target audience in order to increase your ROI.

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10 examples of email signatures that never fail

  • An email signature that reflects your company’s image

Your employees’ signature must reflect the spirit of your company. Depending on your area of expertise, feel free to be innovative by creating an original signature. Don’t try to conform to an overly classical format if it isn’t suited to your company’s approach. An offbeat photo or creative design can make all the difference in an exchange with a prospect.

  • A sophisticated email signature

In some environments, especially in the luxury sector, email signatures must be meticulously designed. Avoid mixing colours, extravagant typographies and offbeat photos. In this context we advise you to focus on understatement. Choose sophisticated Call-To-Action buttons and rework your social networks links to fit your graphic charter’s colours. And there you go – everything you need to win over even the most demanding customers.

  • A dynamic, engaging email signature

Don’t be afraid to use bright colours. Your signature will stand out more and your information will be more visible. But don’t overdo it. An over-colourful email signature tends to give your brand a negative, neglected image. So you have to find the right balance, ensuring dynamism but doing so sparingly.

  • An email signature in your image

Don’t forget, your signature must represent your company. So indulge yourself when creating it. Make it aesthetic and in your image! Results will soon follow, especially if you use the right Call-To-Action buttons. The signature is your company’s showcase, so take good care of it and make the utmost of it by adding a personal touch.

How do you create email signatures in 2 minutes?

You don’t need to be a coding expert in order to create a signature like the ones above. Even though creating homogeneous, coherent email signatures for all your employees can soon become a time-consuming task, we have the solution for you. We recommend that you try tools such as Boost My Mail to generate signatures for all your employees easily, intuitively and in no time at all.

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It’s your move: create and generate your own email signature with Boost My Mail and close more deals!