Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

4 tips for effective greetings

Branding : Signature mail cliquable avec bannière colorée pour la nouvelle année 2022

It’s time for the festive season! For many people, the holidays are a time of fun, but for businesses, it’s a time of opportunity to implement a special holiday marketing strategy. Indeed, this is the time to wish success, happiness and good health to your entire network and to create an unforgettable customer experience. But communicating during this time can quickly become a tedious task. The real question is how to wish for a happy new year in an effective way that multiplies the impact of the greetings and doesn’t forget anyone!

1/ Anticipate the message to be conveyed

To maximise your chances of effective communication during this period, you need to anticipate! Indeed, the end of the year is very hectic for many companies. So, to avoid being in a hurry to finalise your creations, we advise you to think about your objectives as early as possible. It is best to do this at the beginning of November. This will allow you to define the best strategy for your business. The advantage? You take the time to get organised and optimise your budget…. And yes, if you start early, you have time to look for the best communication tools, you are not caught up in the rush.

2/ Create a relevant strategy to communicate on wishes

Thinking about an impactful strategy is not as simple as it sounds. There are a few steps to follow in order to make an impression on your recipients.

First, you need to set the objectives of the campaign. Do you want to :
– Thank your customers for their loyalty?
– Highlight a promotion or a new product?
– Create a relationship of trust?
– Be seen as a positive and innovative entity? Etc

Each objective is specific to your company, but it is important to determine them in order to create an appropriate communication. From there, you can start thinking about the type of communication you need to put in place to underline your point.

One of the things you need to think about is the medium for wishing ALL your professional network a happy new year. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The main thing is to choose a medium that is effective according to the target audience and the number of people to be reached. An action plan and associated budget will define the communication channels (email, mail, SMS, social networks, emailing, etc.), the media (paper greeting card, video, banner, GIF, etc.) and the frequency of message distribution. But don’t forget to consider the recipients of your message! Do you have the contact details of your stakeholders? The information you have is a goldmine in the distribution of your greetings, but it can also limit your possibilities. Indeed, sending a paper greeting card to your customers is impossible if you do not already have a database with postal addresses.

3/ Use the email signature to communicate effectively

The email signature says a lot about your company: it perfectly conveys the message you want to convey. From the executive to the trainee, the email signature is a real digital business card that can make a difference in everyday exchanges. It is ideal for communicating during this period because the transmission of greetings will be relayed to all your employees’ contacts. Moreover, email has the advantage of being interactive, personalised, affordable and accessible to all. It is the primary communication channel of a company, we use it every day to communicate. The best option is to personalise your employees’ email signatures with your company’s colours by inserting a clickable banner linking to a dedicated page or a video, or simply a banner in the format of an image or GIF linking to your site. The possibilities are endless!

It is therefore a safe bet. Every day, millions of emails pass between companies. So using it as a medium to spread your company’s greetings is a simple and effective solution. Your message is carried by your best ambassadors, your employees! In addition, they can personalise their greetings by sending a specific note to the recipient. Moreover, this is one of the rare media where it is easy to evaluate the ROI, provided you use a tool that allows you to analyse the statistics. So, you digitalise your brand image, and you wish all your business contacts a happy new year 2022 without exception!  You must adapt your campaign to the objectives initially defined, but the message to be relayed will be clearly visible and easily accessible.

 4/ Deploy your “Happy New Year 2022” campaign on every email sent

In theory, it is a perfect solution to allow you to communicate simply and efficiently. However, inserting signatures on each employee email can quickly become a tedious task. So, to manage your email signature campaign, we advise you to use an application. Boost My Mail is a tool that allows you to easily customise an email signature template to your company’s image and deploy it to all your employees in just a few clicks. Once the template has been configured, all you have to do is add a greeting card in the 600×150 pixel format. All email signatures and campaigns initiated by Boost My Mail will be displayed on your customers’ and employees’ email accounts in just a few clicks.

The plus: the greeting card is clickable. Link it to value-added content: a video or an article.
Une signature complète pour transmettre ses vœux

You now have the method to send your greetings to all your professional network with your emails!