Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

Centralise email signatures updates and gain in efficacy… and peace of mind

Femme qui se détend devant son ordinateur afin de ne pas stresser

In many companies, updating email signatures is a real headache. The person in charge of communication often has to get on everyone’s back to perform manual updates. Switching to automatic mode, with a tool for managing and standardising signatures, can bring real peace of mind…

The email signature, the forgotten communication channel

The email footer, nobody really pays much attention to it anymore…

It must be said that professional signatures are often piecemeal in form and sometimes outdated in substance. How many of us have received an email from our colleagues wishing them a Happy New Year in a banner … even though it’s early spring?

“In small companies, this situation is understandable, but in a large organisation with a marketing/communication manager, it can harm the company’s image“, Boost My Mail product owner Antoine Girard emphasises.

Updating your email signature is a real pain in the neck!

The communication manager is often on the verge of a hives attack, having to run from office to office in order to update email signatures manually. “Most people give up on the task of harmonisation, seeing it as time-consuming and complicated to implement,” Antoine Girard continues.

Sometimes the Information Systems Department (ISD) is called in… and they’re no happier having to take back the “poisoned gift”. Systematic and even automatic updating of email signatures would be a good thing, but developments require time, and a budget that often hasn’t been provided for.

How do you simplify management of email signatures?

Yet the signature is a real showcase for the company, and an undeniable marketing asset. Faced with the problems encountered by these various profiles –user, marketing department and IT department – Boost My Mail has taken up the challenge of automating harmonisation.

In their crosshairs: peace of mind, time saving, simplification… and better communication. The (SaaS) software currently runs in the Outlook environment and doesn’t require any handling by the end user.

In just 3 clicks, the administrator creates a harmonious signature, places a promotional banner on it and deploys it to the users of their choice.