Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

How do you create an attractive email signature?

Signature de mail avec bannière sophistiquée et chic pour une stratégie de marketing omni-canal

The email signature is essential to optimisation of the customer relations experience on your emails and reinforcement of your brand image. It ends your emails on a positive, attractive note. It makes your brand image visible and engaging. The email signature is a self-promotional space in your and your employees’ emails, and opens up a new communication channel. It drives traffic to your webpages, social networks, and news. Find out how to create an email signature and deploy it automatically on all your employees’ emails.

To help you create a pleasing and striking professional email signature, we’ve created a to-do list of steps to follow in order to make your email signature memorable and effective.

1- Choose clear, meticulously selected content to create an attractive email signature

To be intelligible, a signature must be uncluttered and contain the necessary information. The key word is EFFICACY! Recipients must be able to read the whole email signature in 3 seconds. We suggest that you include no more than four lines so as not to lose your reader’s attention. But the question is, what should you put in a professional email signature?

  • Include your company logo

Your logo transcribes your company’s identity. So incorporating it is essential as it creates a sense of unity as well as making your brand memorable. Your prospects will associate the logo with your company and remember it more easily as long as all your employees use the same signature template to create brand cohesion. You can also incorporate an animated logo in GIF format, in order to attract your reader’s attention and add dynamism to your signature. All of this will make your signature distinctive and pleasing.

  • Provide essential information

As regards the information to incorporate into your signature, you must first of all include your name and the company you represent. This will enable the receiver to identify the person they are dealing with. You must also add your job title, telephone number and postal address. But remember, if a piece of information isn’t useful, don’t clutter your signature with it as you’ll make it less easily readable. It’s the image that your prospects will remember, so make sure to standardise your company’s email signature and add a Gif logo to round it off.

Créer une signature mail avec informations essentielles

2- Increase brand awareness with your email signatures

The email signature is a space that companies still make far too little use of. However, it proves to be a very powerful communication lever when properly used. It can soon have a major impact on your reputation and brand image. These days, some 1.4 billion emails are exchanged every day in France. Hence, by using this volume effectively, the email signature is a powerful communication channel to win new customers as well as retain your customers and partners. Your brand will be more visible, recognisable and memorable.

  • Add links to your website and social networks

We recommend that you add links to your social networks. An email signature also enables you to encourage your contacts to take action and will therefore generate more traffic and increase your visibility. So it’s essential to unite your community and engage your readers in favour of your company.

Our advice: only add the networks you’re active on, otherwise there’ll be less interest in generating leads. Your signature will become a source of traffic and will become an integral part of your digital marketing strategy to increase your performance.

Créer une signature mail avec réseaux sociaux

The effect will be immediate in terms of visibility and engagement. There’s extremely high potential as these days email is a company’s primary communication channel, with 75 emails exchanged by your employees every day. So it’s an effective way of expanding your community.

  • Include a marketing campaign in your signature

It’s pointful to add a clickable banner to promote your company in line with your expertise and your news. Here are some examples of content to provide:
👉Your website,
👉Your product or service launches,
👉Your white paper or eBook,
👉Your future events,
👉Your partnerships,

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive; what news you disseminate will depend on your communication strategy. As a reminder, email is the primary communication channel, so your email signature’s purpose is to improve your customer acquisition and retention performance. On average, adding a clickable link to your signature can generate over 20% of new business opportunities.

3- Opt for an attractive, engaging design for your email signature.

Now that you have all the essential information your email signature must contain, you need to format it. Its design will highlight important information and make the reader want to learn more about your company. It’s a real digital business card, aiming to engage the prospect in your marketing funnel.

To ensure this happens, divide your email signature into two distinct parts:
👉A first part with your contact details, logo, website and social networks.
👉A second part with a clickable banner promoting news.

It’s effective methodology to have a clear, pleasant visual.

  • Take care over the design of your professional email signature

The goal is to highlight your company’s visual identity. So you mustn’t overload your email signature, as this may result in poor quality rendition. The font should be legible and streamlined to encourage reading. For example, you can use your company’s corporate font and apply the related colour scheme. It must be consistent with your graphic identity (dominant colour, typography and logo). Adding a photo can also help humanise your signature. Nevertheless, the photo must be professional and attractive if it is to inspire your customers’ empathy. We recommend that you take good care of your presentation with:
👉A simple head-and-shoulders shot
👉A pleasant smile
👉Correct posture
👉Minimalist background

  • Create an email signature with a clickable banner to engage your readers

A second essential feature in your signature is the clickable banner. Your email signature is an advertising space, so use it wisely to communicate on your company’s news. You can insert a Call-To-Action button to engage your reader and generate traffic to the desired pages. You will optimise your signature’s performance by doing so. Use Canva to create quality banners. The wide choice of predefined banner templates will enable you to find inspiration, even the least creative among you. It’s a very complete solution for access to an image bank of over a million resources and a whole range of features. You can also create animated banners in GIF format to make your banner all the more attractive and responsive.

To give you inspiration for your template, we’ve selected a few examples of striking banners for you to create.

4- Deploy your employees’ email signatures with Boost My Mail

Finally, in companies, there’s still the challenge of unifying your employees’ signatures. A professional email signature conveys your brand’s spirit and acts as a showcase for the customer. So harmonising all your employees’ email signatures highlights your team’s cohesion and ensures regularity in communication. It’s an essential differentiator for creating a quality brand image and promoting news. So it’s important to take the time to deploy your email signatures to all your employees’ mailboxes such as Outlook and Gsuite.

You now have everything you need to create the perfect email signature. At least in theory…

It’s time to put it to the test. All this information will help guide you in creating a signature, but to make your life easier, you can call on a company that specialises in this particular sector: Boost my Mail.

Using a tool is the ideal option for creating and centralising an email signature. With Boost My Mail, a single administrator can generate a personalised email signature for all their employees in just a few clicks. The solution enables you to relay communication campaigns in email banner format in the signature, with our partner Canva directly integrated into the tool. Boost My Mail is compatible with Outlook and Gsuite. The icing on the cake: the solution provides a dashboard enabling you to view campaign performances. No need to worry about html language or harmonising signatures in your company. Choose an email signature template and synchronise it on each new employee email. To try the solution for free for 14 days, go to this link.

You now know how to create your email signatures and turn them into a new sales and communication channel!