Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

How do you wish Happy New Year to your ENTIRE professional network?

Stratégie de content maketing via une siganture de mail exemple pour les vœux 2020

It’s January and best wishes for success, happiness and good health for the coming year are well underway. Good intentions are there but sometimes the task of wishing Happy New Year to your entire professional network can be really time-consuming. How can you make sure that each employee wishes a Happy New Year on behalf of themselves and the company? And finally, how do you make sure you don’t forget anyone?

Turn your email signature into a greeting card!

Email is the simplest communication channel for sending greetings, and it’s a safe bet. Every day, millions of emails pass between companies. The email signature is a blank advertising space you should on no account forego. It’s invaluable when it comes to reinforcing your brand image, inviting your recipients to find out more about your company, and sending New Year’s greetings. Email is THE most used point of contact in professional exchanges. Customising the company’s email signature into a greeting card is a smart solution to wishing Happy new Year. Your greetings campaign will be highly visible. It’ll be conveyed by your best ambassadors, your employees! In addition, they can personalise their greetings by sending customised notes to recipients.

“Yes, OK, but asking each employee to insert a special email signature to wish recipients Happy New Year is going to take an enormous amount of time, and besides, I’m not sure that every employee does it…”

Roll out your “Happy New Year 2021” campaign to your professional network

We advise you to use an application to manage your greetings campaign on your company’s email signatures. Boost My Mail is a tool that enables you to customise an email signature template in your company’s image with the greatest of ease and deploy it to all your employees in just a few clicks. Once the template is configured, all you’ll to need do is add a greeting card in 600×150-pixel format.

The plus: the greeting card is clickable. Link it to value-added content: a video or an article.

Choosing New Year’s greetings to relay strong messages starts your professional network’s year on a very positive note. Here are some tips before you start creating your campaign:

– Be sincere and friendly. The message can be fun or convey value.
– Remind recipients of your knowhow, and your determination to assist them in their future professional projects.
– Take advantage of this opportunity to announce a new feature, or invite your contact to an event.

You now know how to use your emails to wish a Happy New Year to your entire professional network!