Webmarketing 7 June 2022

Increase your website’s traffic thanks to your email signature

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It’s an underestimated lever, perhaps even unsuspected in the face of SEO, SEA and SMO techniques, but increasing a website’s traffic through email signatures is possible! Explanations…

Your email signatures’ neglected potential

The email signature is often neglected although it’s a real asset when it comes to communicating on your company. The survey conducted by the SNCD and its partners in 2017 showed that we receive an average of 36 emails a day! So there are plenty of opportunities to disseminate news and/or promote your website for example.

The key to success: your email signatures’ banners

Usually placed under the “contact details” part, the banner is the illustrated part of your email signature.

It’s this part that we advise you to use to engage your recipients, lead them naturally to visit your site and so boost your website traffic.

To do so, include a clear message in your banners!

The message can (and should) evolve along with your news. Let’s say you offer sales on your website over a given period. The banner associated with your email signature during this period could mention current promotions + a call-to-action inviting recipients to visit your site.

There are as many scenarios in which banners will generate traffic to your site as there are marketing actions on your part…

And the reach of your messages is proportional to the number of mailboxes in your company!