Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

Turn your email signature into a communication channel!

Homme qui avance en regardant son téléphone

Brands are assigning increasing importance to the image they reflect online; but despite their efforts, they often underestimate the potential of their email signature, which can be a powerful communication channel.

The email signature: an electronic business card

The email signatures of employees in the same organisation can vary considerably from one email to another. Everyone brings their own personal “little touch” to them. The more low-profile employees simply leave their names… while others add personalised messages they forget to update.

The problem here is that such disparities risk reflecting a lack of consistency in the company. In a connected world, where exchanges – first contacts in particular – are increasingly made by email, the email signature embodies the company’s image. It reinforces the digital ecosystem’s network… and becomes a real business card! Doesn’t digital reception finally deserve as much attention as physical reception?

A unified email signature for better internal cohesion

At the foot of the email, the container – visual identity – and the content – message conveyed – must be faithful to the company’s values. The signature says a lot about who we are. It has to make an impression, add a touch of dynamism, and make recipients want to continue the adventure. In this respect, it must be standardised – and this can be done automatically.

The benefits of harmonisation won’t only be external! Within the company, the signature will put everyone from boss to trainee on an equal footing. And your business expertise will be promoted!