Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

The email signature, a new sales channel

Mockup d'un ordinateur avec une signature de mail design

The email signature has potential that’s still too rarely exploited. Yet this space in emails increases your marketing actions’ reach tenfold. It’s a communication space in its own right, a new sales channel accessible to all companies.

Why think of the email signature as a promotional channel?

Email is a company’s primary communication channel:
> 100 billion business emails are sent worldwide every day
> 36 emails a day. That’s the number of emails sent per day per employee in France.

Deploy an effective email signature for your marketing actions

Optimise this communication space 100% by adding a news banner in the email signature with links to:
– your website,
– one of your white papers,
– your latest article,
– your next event,
– your newsletter,
– your prevention campaign,
– your news,
– and other marketing actions.

Communicate internally with your employees’ email signatures

No need to remind you that circulation of information is as important internally as it is externally, whatever the company’s size. So email signatures play a major role in informing your employees and getting to know them better.

Here are some ideas for your internal communication topics:
– An internal “save the date!” event (seminar, trade show, webinar, company anniversary, etc.)
– The arrival of a new colleague or a colleague’s promotion,
– Work in progress, etc.

Improve your customer relationship with your collaborative email campaigns

The email signature says a lot about your company: it conveys a visual identity and the message you want to communicate. From executive to trainee, the email signature represents a real digital business card that can make all the difference during daily exchanges (quote requests, reminders, thank you emails, file follow-up, communication of attachments, etc.).

Use a tool to deploy an email signature to your employees in a just few minutes

Creating and assigning a unified professional email signature to all your employees isn’t as easy as you might think. Boost My Mail provides companies and organisations with the opportunity to transform email signatures into a marketing and sales asset. All email signatures and campaigns initiated by Boost My Mail are sure to be displayed in your customers’ and employees’ email accounts, and all it takes is a few clicks. Choose an email signature template to homogenise your brand image on each email, and synchronise it on each new employee email, with the professional information specific to each of them. The tool enables you to create a template, personalise it automatically for each employee, and synchronise it on each employee mailbox. It’s compatible with Outlook and Gsuite. Creating an email signature or banner manually doesn’t guarantee optimal display, and it takes time.

You now know how to make your email signatures a new sales and internal communication channel!