Vigicorp automates deployment of email signatures with Boost My Mail

Photo de Tristan Auriol et Maëva Bureau de Vigicorp lors de l'interview sur l'utilisation de la solution Boost My Mail

Meeting with Tristan Auriol, IT Infrastructure Manager and Maëva Bureau, Communication Officer

Vigicorp is a Nantes-based agency specialising in technical development of innovative digital tools. When it launched a year ago, Boost My Mail asked Vigicorp to be a beta tester for the platform. The experiment proved to be decisive as Vigicorp adopted the solution! Boost My Mail came to meet Vigicorp in a very pleasant setting on the banks of the Loire. Tristan Auriol, IT Infrastructure Manager, and Maëva Bureau, Communication Officer, shared their user experiences by answering our questions.

Why did Vigicorp subscribe to the Boost My Mail online solution?

T.A. / We had a problem with dissemination of email signatures. Having new email signatures created by our designers was really time-consuming. We had to integrate new HTML email signatures on each workstation manually. Since we have about 30 workstations, it took time! Our employees are now satisfied with the solution as everyone has the same email signature at the same time.

M.B. / We had another problem: managing our brand image. In addition, our support staff need to have several email signatures available depending on the brand represented (Vigicorp, Sireniti, or Cerfrance). The solution is very useful as it enables you to select the right signature template according to your interlocutor.

T.A. / Finally, the test period was free of charge with no commitment, which enabled us to test the solution with no constraints!

How did installation of the solution go at Vigicorp?

T.A. / To tell you the truth, implementing the solution was quite easy. The product is aimed at novices; it’s very well designed and meets needs specific to my profession. I was able to install it on Outlook by myself. I deployed the Boost My Mail utility using a GPO*. It took me just 15 minutes! We choose to create our signatures internally and a Boost My Mail support person integrates them. If needed, Boost My Mail’s support team is highly reactive and ensures regular follow-up.

Have you changed your communication practices?

M.B. / We’re planning to use emails to relay our news, by creating visuals in email banner format. The advantage is that we’ll be able to schedule campaigns and see which ones perform best.

Do you feel that you’ve had a return on investment?

T.A. / Yes, of course! I don’t have to go through the company’s 30 computers to configure email signatures. The time saving is enormous! For information’s sake, we gain one man-day for each new email signature created, and one day for its integration on each post.

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*Group strategy allowing, among other things, the deployment of applications through the network.