Email signatures, a new communication tool for REALITES

Photo d'Arnaud Tesson chef de projet communication corporate du groupe REALITES - Client de Boost My Mail

REALITES is a territorial developer that provides meaningful real-estate solutions with and for cities and metropolises, creating value, attractiveness and economic development. Founded in 2003 by its CEO Yoann CHOIN-JOUBERT, REALITES operates in France and Africa (Morocco). With more than 500 employees, the Group is committed to being “useful everywhere, all the time, for smart territorial development “, becoming the first developer in France to adopt the status “entreprise à mission” (mission-driven company).

Arnaud Tesson, the REALITES Group’s Corporate Communication Project Manager, was kind enough to answer our questions about his use of Boost My Mail. On the agenda: unified brand image, campaign performance, and the power of collaborative emails as a communication vector!

What are the advantages for the REALITES Group being equipped with Boost My Mail?

We were looking for a shared, centralised tool to manage all our employees’ email signatures at head office and on all our sites. When Boost My Mail was created, we were immediately won over by what the solution had to offer. In a context of strong growth like ours, it’s a good way of controlling our brand image and giving visibility to our corporate and commercial campaigns.

Has the tool led your changing your communication practices?

It’s become an automatic process to include marketing campaigns in employees’ email signatures, with targeting by geographical and business groups. For commercial communication, each regional project manager communicates on their area’s commercial operations.

Based on the volumes of clicks generated and the returns on investment you’ve seen, which campaign do you think performed best this year?

In March 2020, during the first lockdown, the REALITES Group implemented a campaign announcing the creation of a dematerialised buying journey. The campaign generated 33,000 clicks. A very positive result which, at its own level, helped generate +37% sales growth in the first half of the year, when the national market was down by almost -30%. The campaign is a good example of the effectiveness of communication with our employees’ email signatures. Even more so today, with the explosion of telework, it’s important to have a unified digital communication strategy based on effective levers.