Marketing & Communication 7 June 2022

For this summer, schedule marketing campaigns in your email signature!

Campagne marketing pour l'été avec une image de signature mail pour absence de l'été

Take full advantage of your summer by anticipating dissemination of your marketing campaigns on your employees’ email signatures! A good way to keep your recipients informed of your news throughout the summer.

Email is a company’s primary communication channel

Every day, between 30 and 40 emails are sent by each of your employees. With an average opening rate of 85%, email is a company’s primary communication channel. Email has the advantage of providing direct, simple, personalised communication. It helps build relationships of trust between your employees and their recipients. Email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter in acquiring new customers. Easy to use, it’s employed by all a company’s members. Inviting your customers, partners or prospects to find out more about your brand through this channel is more economical than any other communication channel. Email works particularly well in the contexts of loyalty-building and inbound marketing communication.

Email, direct marketing superstar!

Direct marketing, also known as “targeted selling”, consists of proposing offers that can potentially win your customers over. The goal is to anticipate their needs with targeted content. The approach requires regular communication on your company’s missions, activities and services. As soon as your customer’s need becomes a reality, they’ll remember that you’re able to meet it and know how to call upon your services.

Test email marketing

Email marketing consists of a main personalised message, and a second “message” in the form of an email signature with a banner. The advantage is that advertisements are highly visible without being intrusive! Email service providers, such as Outlook and Gmail, don’t offer many possibilities as far as creating professional email signatures is concerned. And above all, they don’t enable you to automate them instantly on your employees’ emails. Yet this option would make it easier to disseminate communication campaigns. A good alternative is, an email signature editor.

Here are examples of campaigns to promote:

  • Launch of a new product
  • Invitation to an event
  • Promotion of a landing page
  • Relay of an article from an influencer or medium that talks about your brand
  • Social media engagement
  • Promotional offer


Example of a promotional email campaign

Anticipate promotion of your summer and back-to-business news

  • Personalise your email signature with your brand’s colours. You can create as many as you like! For this summer, specify your dates of absence in NBs following your email signature. If necessary, also add the dates your company is closed.
  • This summer, anticipate your marketing campaigns and schedule their dissemination in your employees’ email signatures. Take advantage of the opportunity to indulge in a spot of teasing and inform your recipients of your back-to-business events, product launches, etc. There’s no limit to dissemination of banners.
  • And finally, take the plunge and go off on holiday 🙂