Actual Systèmes’ employees become brand ambassadors

Photo de Sébastien Hardy responsable de l’agence de Nantes d'Actual Systèmes

Meeting with Sébastien Hardy

Actual Systèmes is a computer equipment wholesaler. Sébastien Hardy, head of the Nantes branch, was kind enough to answer our questions and share his user experience with Boost My Mail.

Why did you choose our cloud solution?

We were looking for an email signature editor that enabled us to standardise and automate email signatures. We chose Boost My Mail for its human side, proximity and ease of implementation. And of course, for its compatibility with Outlook. What also appealed to us was that the tool is online. Wherever you are, the platform is accessible via a browser. As our head office is in Bordeaux, that’s very practical. What finally decided us, and what gives Boost My Mail its added value, is that the platform enables dissemination of banners in email signatures with availability of reporting.

How did you manage email signatures before Boost My Mail?

Before, our system administrator managed integration of email signatures one by one. It was time-consuming and made regular updating difficult. These days, one person is dedicated to marketing. They centralise information and create visuals for campaigns on a regular basis, so as to update banners once or twice a week.

How did implementation of the tool go at Actual Systèmes?

Implementing the tool was simple and fast. Our system administrator contacted a Boost My Mail support person to activate the solution on our Outlook. Beforehand, we were able to benefit from a test period with a free trial offer by creating an online account.

What are your new communication practices?

Whereas we used to send out a newsletter every week, we now relay our news in banner format in our salespeople’s email signatures. We realised that most of the newsletters we sent ended up in the wastepaper basket! While an email sent by one of our salespeople is inevitably opened.

We have 13 sales representatives. They send between 50 and 100 emails a day to customers and prospects. As they can’t cover all the latest topics, email banners relay news items of potential interest to their recipients.

The most recurrent themes are promotions underway, news, and product launches. We usually have a significant volume of clicks on our offers, between 150 and 200. The most successful campaign we ran was for a new GDPR product launch. The campaign generated over 900 clicks!